sequence of a horse in motion - VR installation


"Sequence of a Horse in Motion" is the documentation of a dream by Katharina Haverich. A man hangs upside down and is circled by a horse: the VR experience is an invitation into this sequence. Performance artist Katharina Haverich works on the reproduction of dream sequences. She creates this demanding piece as a live show and sought an uncompromising way of documenting both live show and original dream sequence. The resulting proposition is twofold: to enter the dream sequence on which the live work is based as well sharing the experience of the performer in the live piece. Challenging the ephemeral nature of both live art and dreams, this VR experience experiements with forms of their reactivation. The VR spectator recreates the performance by performing it herself: upside down. 


For the Berlin art festival "48 Stunden Neukölln" the beta-version of the VR installation could be experienced in the original setting of the live art show at Vollgutlager.


Concept: Katharina Haverich 

360 Video Creator / VR Editor: Susanne Dickel (IntoVR) 

VR Author / 360 Video Operator: Martin Heller (IntoVR) 

360 Sound Concept and Design: Thomas Wallmann (neuton Berlin) 

VR Dramaturge: Julian Kamphausen 

Consulting Producer: Fernanda Parente

World Transition Aides: Friedelise Stutte & Michael Hoppe 

Horse: Abacaxi 

Horse Trainers: Lene Husch & Lynn Kalinowski 

Technical Development: Mathias Westebbe 

Music: Christopher Hotti Böhm & Michael Hoppe 

Production Manager: Katja Wehling 

Photos: Dajana Lothert 

Making Of Video: Clara Julia Escalera 

Graphic Design: Christin Striegler


Funded by Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg and part of the residency program schloss bröllin e.V., supported by the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and the district of Vorpommern-Greifswald


Thank you: Maricel Álvarez, Arto Sebastian, Rudi Bort, Klaus Jensen,, Bernd Scherer, Alexandra Engel, André Schulz, Hartmut Bez, Matthias Leonhardt, Thorsten Schlenger, Martin Steffens, Sebastian Stragies, Bouldergarten Neukölln, Plakat-Kultur


23.06.2018 10h - 18h

24.06.2018 10h - 14h 

limited number of slots available (ca. 20min each)



Am Sudhaus 8

12053 Berlin (Neukölln)

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presentations / pitchings 

re:publica 2018 (Berlin, Germany) // VR NOW CON 2018 (Potsdam, Germany) // virtual worlds 2019 at FilmFest Munich (Munich, Germany) 


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