22. May 2018
total d.i.y. project: selling tickets through my website. dear lord.

07. May 2018
get out your pens and pencils, these are the dates for "Sequence of a Horse in Motion" live art installation

03. May 2018
Sharing some details about "Sequence of a Horse in Motion" VR Installation at re:publica 18. Still looking for people to test out beta-version during 48 STUNDEN NEUKÖLLN in June 2018

27. April 2018
The Horse in Motion, how beautiful. Eadweard Muybridge was hired to find out whether there was a moment in mid-stride when horses had all hooves off the ground.

25. April 2018
total enjoyment of "Sequence of a Horse in Motion" VR. This is when after

28. March 2018
shit. After lengthly discussions with myself and consultations with total experts I decided it was a "live art installation".

21. March 2018
at last, we have a solution for guests with horse hair allergies

07. March 2018
watch 20mins of making this spool for the horses. the real thing will hopefully have more functions.

02. March 2018
So we've been trying...

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