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ON TOUR: POSTcards from the metaverse

from autumn 2022: Trip Report 18 Postcards from the Metaverse. Book through assistenz@katharinahaverich.de  



30.11.2022, Stadtwerkstatt Kamenz

21.02.2023, Schloss Genshagen


vr goes tv: Pixel party

from Oct 26, ARD Kultur brings out a new magazine about digital pop culture, "Pixel Party". Contents: Metaverse, AI, AR & NFTs (what a blend). Happy to be featured with my work and even more happy about hanging with the pop culture kids. 


Off to buy a TV now.


Acting for the metaverse* (101)

1/2 day workshop by Katharina Haverich and Fernanda Parente at Prof. Marion Hirte's seminar Free and Experimental Theatre for acting students at University of the Arts Berlin


June 2022  

*The term metaverse was coined by Neal Stephenson

in his sci-fi novel "Snow Crash" (1992) 


Art(History) IN VR

Christopher Hotti Böhm at Deutsches Studienzentrum in Venice

With Rostislav Tumanov (Art Historian), Sophie Schmidt (Artist), Moderation: Katharina Haverich


20.03.2021, in VRChat





VReatherVReffen #1 (sorry, we needed humor at the time)

regular meetings in VRChat with unreal.theater


03.03.2021, 19.30 (UTC+1) onboarding, VRChat (& Twitch)


more dates in 2021: 04.04., 05.05., 06.06., 07.07. etc



"Praxisbeispiel Social VR: VRChat"

with unreal.theater

for Performing Arts Programm - Performing Knowledge


03.03.2021, in VRChat



Presentation and Virtual Excursion: Social VR - Virtual Spaces for Common Cultural Experiences

with unreal.theater

for Technologie Stiftung


02. + 04.02.2021, in VRChat 



Presentation and talk on Digital Experiencing 

annual conference of the Dramaturgische Gesellschaft


24.01.2021, in Mozilla Hubs



Virtuelle Bandenbildung - Action Art Workshop (totally alpha)   

for Radikale Töchter


17.12.2020, 07.01. + 14.01.2021, in VRChat 



Exploring Prater Digital - with an audience 

with unreal.theater

for Prater Digital


11.12.2020, in Mozilla Hubs