...dreams about girls

mixed reality performance installation


“...dreams about girls” is a performative installation for a drummer, five dancers, a car in live and Virtual Reality. The piece proposes a rite of passage through which the persistent narrative of misogynistic aggression is momentarily interrupted, and replaced by a sequence of powerful dream images in which women turn to violence against men. Interweaving visual material from dreams expressing female wrath in rural Germany into a fictional counter-narrative, “...dreams about girls” offers an intimidating spectacle of feminist resistance.



18. + 19.09.2021

Spreehalle, Berlin


Funded by

“...dreams about girls” is funded with a Research Stipend from the Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Europe, Hauptstadtkulturfonds. Co-produced by Kunstfest Weimar.




Philip Theurer Drums, Composition

Roman Miletitch Technological Artist

JASCHA&FRANZ Scenography

Julian Kamphausen Dramaturge for Digitality 

Fidan Sirin Choreographer

Manuel Ruge Director of Photography

Leo Wolters Assistant Camera 

Hannes Bruun Film Editor 

Thomas Wallmann, Michael Hoppe Sound Artists and Concept 

Christin Striegler - Studio Varo Design (Art Direction) 

Merle Büttner Photographer (Video - Behind the Scenes)

Philip Bußmann Video Consultant

Arne Vogelgesang Video Mixing (Live Show)

Insa Wagner Hair & Makup Concept (Video), Execution (Live Show)

Asma Abo Mostafa, Sharon Engelhardt Hair & Makeup Execution (Video)

MWB Theater- und Veranstaltungs GmbH Technical Realisation

Julius Brand Set Runner


Lioba Breitsprecher, Alina Sokhna M'Baye, Geraldine Rummel, Laura Cornejo, Gabi Herz, Alva Westebbe, Sadie Lune, Frida Zack, Rebecca Korang Performers (Video)


Wayra Schübel PR

Maren Möhlenkamp Project Management

YMUSIC Production