expanding dreamscapes

Exhibition of Stills on Acylic Glass


EXPANDING DREAMSCAPES is former fluid liveness from virtual reality hardening in stills on acrylic glass in the analog world. It’s the disconnection of shared experiences from hardware, the internet, electricity, servers and harddrives. On display: worlds built by strangers, temporarily inhabited by colleagues and guests donning avatars built by more strangers. Interviews, workshop sessions, theatre, preparations, explorative tours. Will these be the motifs our children will send us from their holidays? 


Over the last years, Katharina Haverich has worked in various constellations in the social VR app VRChat. For EXPANDING DREAMSCAPES she is resorting to a familiar form of sharing moments: pictures - or video stills, to be precise - taken from footage shot by Arne Vogelgesang, Lenn Blaschke, LilBagel, VirtuaLilly & VRCon Team, Ethan Crank, ShaggyMummy & Camera Crew and herself. With the support of AI image enhancement software she presents a selection of large scale prints on fluorescent acrylic glass. 


Haverich works at the intersection of media and theatre under the influence of dreams. As a conceptual performance artist, she stages dream-based sequences in digital and physical spheres. At Flutgraben, she explores the translation of digital experiences into the physical space. 



June 30 - Jul 3, 2022

12h - 20h

at Flutgraben 3

12435 Berlin


THUR 30.06., 18h



FRI 01.07., 19.30h

Artist Talk with Curator Fernanda Parente [she / her] and Digital Dramaturg Julian Kamphausen [he / his]


SAT 02.07., 17h

Guided Tour in VRChat

map dreams about girls

(please email assistenz@katharinahaverich.de if you want to participate)


Funded by

NEUSTART KULTUR (Program: #TakeHeart / Prozessförderung)

Exhibition by Katharina Haverich

Produced by YMUSIC 

Technological Artist Roman Miletitch 

Art Director Lucas Kuster

Digital Dramaturg Julian Kamphausen

Sound Michael Hoppe

Video Editing Sophie Messerschmidt

Artistic Assistance Maren Möhlenkamp


Thank you Alexander Pohnert, Schulz und Schulz