Sequence of a Horse in Motion (VR)

Virtual Reality installation


The Virtual Reality installation “Sequence of a Horse in Motion” is the documentation of a dream by the artist. It follows the live art installation by the same title, in which a performer is hanging upside down and being circled by a horse. Using a VR headset, the spectator is invited to assume the performer's position as they step into the artist's original dream sequence. Reproducing the fleeting imagery of dreaming, this work challenges the ephemeral nature of both live art and dreams in an experiment with reenactment and reactivation.



The VR installation “Sequence of a Horse in Motion” was funded by Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg and the Senate Department for Culture and Europe as part of the residency programme schloss bröllin e.V., supported by the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and the district of Western Pomerania-Greifswald as well as the  Edith Maryon Foundation.


previously shown:



Berlinale (hijacking the non-existent VR section)

Alte Münze, Haus 3, 10179 Berlin



virtual worlds, FilmFest Munich, b2b Market

Gasteig Lounge, Gasteig, Munich



re:publica, Arts & Culture Immersive Arts, Project Presentations: VR:RV & Performersion


VR NOW, MediaTech Con

Babelsberg, Potsdam




“Cutting edge. Certainly a very interesting approach.”

Giorgio Vitale, synthesis gallery


“Beautifully crazy.”

 Rolf Hemke, Kunstfest Weimar


“Great! What a thoughtful project.”

Daniela Schulz, MiRAA - Mixed Reality Academy for the Arts


“Lastingly impressive.”

Annette Kleffel & Andrea Lüty, Technologiestiftung Berlin


Shortlisted for the art programme at SXSW 2020


Invited to Recto VRso 2020 - International Art and Virtual Reality Festival (Laval, France)



Publication about “Sequence of a Horse in Motion” in The Big Good Future (2019), p. 74 (in German)

Many Thanks to Maricel Álvarez, Arto Sebastian, Rudi Bort, Klaus Jensen,, Bernd Scherer, Alexandra Engel, André Schulz, Silke Bake, Hartmut Bez, Matthias Leonhardt, Thorsten Schlenger, Martin Steffens, Sebastian Stragies, Bouldergarten Neukölln and Plakat-kultur.

Concept: Katharina Haverich 

360° Video Creator & VR Editor: Susanne Dickel (IntoVR) 

VR Author & 360 Video Operator: Martin Heller (IntoVR) 

360° Sound Concept & Design: Thomas Wallmann (neuton Berlin) 

VR Dramaturge: Julian Kamphausen 

Consulting Producer: Fernanda Parente

World Transition Aides: Friedelise Stutte & Michael Hoppe 

Horse: Abacaxi 

Horse Trainers: Lene Husch & Lynn Kalinowski 

Technical Development: Mathias Westebbe 

Music: Christopher Hotti Böhm & Michael Hoppe 

Production Manager: Katja Wehling 

Photos: Dajana Lothert 

Graphic Design: Christin Striegler