M.31 / K.62 / K.85

performance triptych



“M.31”, “K.62” and “K.85” are performative adaptations of three different films. “M.31” is an ominous musical pursuit based on Fritz Lang’s 1931 film “M”, and his haunting use of Edvard Grieg’s “In the Hall of the Mountain King”. “K.62” is a musical thriller inspired by Orson Welles’ cinematic reworking of Kafka’s “The Trial” made in 1962. Finally, “K.85” is a solo performance influenced by Martin Scorsese’s dark comedy film “After Hours” from 1985. Each performance in this triptych is unique and relates to a classic in film history, with the main actors all being displaced, prosecuted and rejected characters.

“K.62” and “K.85” were commissioned by Performa New York City. “M.31” was commissioned by HAU Berlin. The programme was funded by the Federal Cultural Foundation.



previously shown:



Festival “Testing Stage - A Window to Performa New York”


HAU 1, HAU 2 & HAU 3, Berlin


Concept: Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster & Ari Benjamin Meyers

Performance: Pamela Schlewinski, Katinka Deecke, Katharina Haverich, Veronika Wallner, Johanna Zinecker