He Wolf / She Man 

sonic performance art piece for a couple



“He Wolf / She Man” is an intimate sonic performance art piece for a couple. Through a chain of technical-alchemistic bodily procedures, a couple modifies each other's appearance. Femininity and masculinity make place for a range of techno-fetishistic gender images. This piece has been evolving over the years to explore current post-romantic terrains. Fragility, antagonism, intimacy, care and functional brutality come together in this psychogeography of human desires and anxieties between two individuals.


previously shown:



Theater im Delphi, Berlin Art Week



Performing Arts Festival

Alte Münze, basement, Berlin

(co-produced by Alte Münze)



BAM! Berliner Festival für aktuelles Musiktheater

Acker Stadt Palast, basement, Berlin


Fleetinsel Gallery Tour

Fleetstreet theater, Hamburg



former butcher shop, basement, Mareschstraße, Berlin


Open Studios

AADK, Centro Negra, Blanca (Spain)




“...an experiment inside of an experiment which touches on the need for - and fear of - human transformation. The work is visually, aurally, and atmospherically stunning and continually surprising, simultaneously poetic and disturbing, engaging in every way.”

Brina Stinehelfer, Artistic Director of former silent film cinema Delphi, Berlin


“...the performance opens up exciting, never tangible fields of tension between the performers, the domestic environment, medical sterility and audio-technological elements. The audience is free to walk through this experiential space, in which the performers manage to keep impressively calm and present [...].”

Steffi Kowalski, Artistic Director of Space/Time, Platform for Video and Performance Art, Berlin


“...an immersive experience that raises questions about identity, human relationships, evolution and artistic processes.”


Elena Azzadin, Director of the Residency Programme at AADK, Blanca (Spain)

Concept & Performance: Katharina Haverich & Christopher Hotti Böhm

Programming: Holger Heißmeyer