Glühende Landschaften

interactive multimedia performance



The New German Surf Revue “Glühende Landschaften” (“Glowing Landscapes”) brings the gigantic script of online political opinions to the stage in a strongly reduced version. The performers at internil take on virtual bodies that proclaim the post-political madness of the Internet. Amongst political extremes, the role of the political center is occupied by the audience in this performance. Equipped with networked, mobile minicomputers that grant them individual access to propaganda material, the four performers connect to screens at different locations, thereby filling the theater space with a multiplicity of photos, videos, audio and messages that demand the viewer’s attention.

“Glühende Landschaften” is a production by internil in cooperation with Theaterdiscounter Berlin, funded from resources of the Senate Chancellery / Cultural Affairs and the Cultural Foundation of the Free State of Saxony, with the kind support of Theaterhaus Mitte.


previously shown:



Performing Arts Festival Berlin




Theaterdiscounter Berlin


Performance: Patrick Heppt, Katharina Haverich, Marina Miller Dessau, Jessica Schwan, Arne Vogelgesang

Sound: Christopher Böhm

Production: ehrliche arbeit –freies kulturbüro