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“Männersache” (“Man’s business”), a play originally written in 1972 by Franz Xaver Kroetz, shows a short fight between a woman, a man and a dog, full of passion, sex and a few Bavarian moments. What starts with a common relationship quarrel ends in an unusual solution to the conflict: the absolute sellout of one’s own wishes and needs in favour of a partnership. The piece purposely plays with a style that is almost stilted, jerky, hyper-emotional, shrill, boring. As “Männersache” progresses, a happy ending moves further out of reach. Through a desirous dispute about proximity and boundaries between a couple that lasts over eight scenes, this satirical theater play explores the contradictions underlying romantic relationships.

“Männersache” was supported by the European Union, the Federal Republic of Germany and the City of Berlin in the context of the Social City programme, Atotech, Beate Uhse TV, Verführer Berlin and Fabrik Lounge.


previously shown:



Engelbrot Theater, Berlin


Brotfabrik, Berlin


Text: Franz Xaver Kroetz

Director: Katharina Haverich

Performance: Claudia Steiger & Michael F. Stoerzer

Set Design: Gregor Sturm

Costume Design: Friederike Brodersen

Make-up: Ben Müller

Dramaturgy: Sonja Winkel

Assistant Director: Arto Buhmann

Production Assistant: Rocco Coufin

Stage Design: Toni Kaufmann

Photos: Evy Schubert

PR: Liv Sachisthal/Engelbrot Theater

Graphic Design Poster: Ohyun Kwon

Graphic Design Programme: Anja Kaufmann

Performance Rights: Henschel Schauspiel