Radikale Töchter

training camps in action art


Radikale Töchter (Radical Daughters) is an ongoing participatory project that combines strategies of action art and activism. The training camps make use of creative artistic methods and guerrilla-like activist tactics in order to empower the participants in self-efficacy, civil courage and disruptive innovation. The focus lies on themes such as human rights, migration and refugee flows as well as new German fascism and the global rise of right-wing extremism.


More information: www.radikaletoechter.de


For their work in Thuringia, Saxony and Brandenburg, the Radikale Töchter are funded by the Federal Agency for Political Education.


project duration:

ongoing since 2019


previously shown:



Deutscher Jugendrat, Berlin

Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, Berlin

Kreatives Unternehmertum, Munich



Marie-Louise-Keyser Berufsschule für Soziales, Erfurt

Young Urban Performances Festival, Osnabrück

Justus-Delbrück-Haus, Jamlitz


Pochen Festival, Chemnitz

Founders: Katharina Haverich & Cesy Leonard

Consultancy & Research: Nina Schmulius


Managing Director: Josephin Haardt