...dreams about girls

Mixed Reality performance installation


“...dreams about girls” is a performative installation for a drummer, five dancers, a car and Augmented Reality. The piece proposes a rite of passage through which the persistent narrative of misogynistic aggression is momentarily interrupted, and replaced by a sequence of powerful dream images in which women turn to violence against men. Interweaving visual material from dreams expressing female wrath in rural Germany into a fictional counter-narrative, “...dreams about girls” offers an intimidating spectacle of feminist resistance.


“...dreams about girls” is funded with a Research Stipend from the Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Europe and is co-produced by Kunstfest Weimar.


This project is still in the research and conceptualisation phase.




invited to pitching session at the XR Coproduction Cruise of the Geneva International Film Festival



Philip Theurer, Drummer

Philip Theurer studied jazz drums with Heinrich Köbberling in Leipzig, Germany. He tours internationally with his bands Ylativ Algo, 13 Year Cicada, Moritz Sembritzki, Jordan White Trio, I T O E and the quartet Konglomerat. Theurer performed at the Keroxen Festival, the Leipzig Institute for Future and the Wisp Festival for Arts, Technology and Communication. His work is characterized by experiments with various acoustic and electronic tonalities on drums. He plays with conventions, forms and clichés, and celebrates a lively exchange with artists from different disciplines. Theurer won first prize in the Spanish Jazz Upcoming Competition Jazz Getxo and second prize at the Belgian Bjazz Festival. In 2019 he collaborated with artist Katharina Haverich as part of a performance at Acker-Stadt-Palast in Berlin.


Raphaël De Courville, AR Creator

Raphaël De Courville is an interaction designer and creative technologist. He is Co-Founder of NEEEU, an innovative design agency based in Berlin, and host and co-founder of Creative Code Berlin, a community that brings artists and technologists together since 2013. De Courville is also the former head and founder of ART+COM Studios for new media installations. His work has been exhibited internationally, including at the Akademie Der Künste, Berlin, Festival de la Cité, Lausanne (Switzerland), White Night, Brighton (UK), and The IT Show, Berlin. He has been invited to speak at conferences and to teach internationally, notably at Codemotion, Berlin, FIBER festival, Amsterdam, Retune, Berlin, Science Hack Day, Berlin, ART+BITS, Katowice, Poland, and School of Ma, Berlin.


Julian Kamphausen, AR Dramaturge

Julian Kamphausen has been working in the field of performing arts since 1994. Apart from his own art projects, such as www.balafo.de for the Kulturstiftung des Bundes, he works as a show director. He has been directing the Künstler gegen Aids Gala (Artists against Aids Gala) for more than ten years, and was responsible for Amnesty International’s 50th anniversary celebration at Haus der Kulturen der Welt. Moreover he designs and curates congresses like the annual industry meeting of the performing arts for the Performing Arts Programm since 2013, and Performersion, a cooperation of the Performing Arts Programm with re:publica for networking immersive and performing arts, since 2016. Kamphausen also works as the art director for the Hauptsache Frei Festival in Hamburg. In 2018, he collaborated with Katharina Haverich for her VR installation “Sequence of a Horse in Motion”.


Roland Stuprich, Director of Photography

Roland Stuprich studied cinematography at the Filmakademie of Baden-Württemberg and works as a freelance D.O.P. for cinema, television and advertising. Besides numerous feature films, he did commercial work for Netflix, UNIQLO, Adidas and Samsung. He was nominated for the German Camera Award and with his team he has won several prizes such as the Young Directors Award in Cannes.


Hannes Bruun, Editor 

Hannes Bruhn studied film editing at the Filmakademie of Baden-Württemberg and works as a freelance film editor. He is based in Berlin. His field of work ranges from feature films to documentaries and music videos. For his works with renowned directors Philip Gröning, Nicole Vögele and Soleen Yusef he has won several prizes: the Special Jury Award at the Film Festival Venice in 2013 for “Die Frau des Polizisten”, the Special Grand Prix at the Montreal World Film Festival in 2016 for “Haus ohne Dach” and the Special Jury Award at Film Festival Locarno in 2018 for “Closing Time”.


Thomas Wallmann, Sound Design

Thomas Wallmann is an audio engineer and works as a freelance sound designer with video and media artists for installations and exhibitions as well as for cinema, TV and advertising. Among others, he collaborated with video artist Clemens von Wedemeyer as well as media artist Peggy Buth. His works were presented at documenta 13, Ruhrtriennale, Berlinale, Berlin Biennale and on the French-German TV channel Arte. In 2018, he collaborated with artist Katharina Haverich for her VR installation “Sequence of a Horse in Motion”.


Fernanda Parente, Supporting Programme

Fernanda Parente is a curator and entrepreneur with expertise in the motion pictures and film industry. She is passionate about the possibilities of immersive content (VR, MR, XR) and is interested in ideas at the intersection of art, science and technology. She has previously curated the film and technology festival Digital Biscuit and re:publica Berlin. In 2018, Parente co-founded Selektor, a creative agency specialised in developing programme concepts and curating content for live events, such as festivals, conferences and exhibitions.


Yael Sherill, Producer 

Yael Sherill is a freelance curator, cultural manager and dramaturge based in Berlin. In 2013 she founded B_Tour, a nomadic curatorial platform dedicated to immersive urban interventions in contemporary performance, sound and visual art, of which she is the artistic director. She has since curated festivals and individual projects in collaboration with institutions such as CLB Gallery Berlin, Copenhagen Art Week, ZK/U Berlin - Center for Art and Urbanistics, Public Art Lab Berlin, Belgrade International Theater Festival, The Center of Contemporary Art TeL-Aviv, The Lithuanian National Drama Theater and The Architecture Foundation Vilnius. Over the past nine years, Sherill has also worked as a dramaturge, project manager and assistant director on interdisciplinary theater projects by Rimini Protokoll, Ilya Khrzhanovsky and the Center for Political Beauty, among others.


Maren Möhlenkamp, Project Assistant


Maren Möhlenkamp trained in Event Management and Public Relations. She is currently studying Art History and Media Science. She works as an assistant curator at SCHWARZ CONTEMPORARY, a modern art gallery in Berlin. Möhlenkamp has been working with Katharina Haverich since 2019.